Continuing The Story

I first heard of Amy Chua from my daughter M. She was home for the holidays, and we were in the kitchen making her favourite tart tatin. She claims that my version is better than what we had at Le Perigord, a French restaurant in midtown Manhattan. I agree. : )

M’s friends at college were fuming at Chua for claiming that Chinese mothers are superior, and she started reading to me the Wall Street Journal excerpt of Battle Hymn Of The Tiger Mother. I thought it was a satire until I was told that it was how a Yale law professor raised her daughters.

I could not believe it! I had very traditional Chinese parents, and I could not believe anyone raised the way I was would choose the same parenting methods! And someone with a Harvard and Yale education, too!

I wanted to tell Chua that if admission to an Ivy League college was the ultimate goal, I managed to raise a daughter who was accepted by Harvard, Yale and Princeton without threats and hysterics.

And that is why I started this blog. I uploaded all the essays I wrote as a present to M when she graduated from high school four years ago.

It has been a little less than two months since I began calling myself the good chinese mother. This blog has had more than 40,000 visitors, and I am still finding it hard to believe that what I have written is actually being read and enjoyed by strangers.

I find it even harder to believe that this blog has led to a column in the Washington Times.

I continue to tell the story of being mother to M, and you are warmly invited to listen.