A Chapter Ends

M has graduated from college. Four years of hard work has earned her honours and awards, and while I rejoice in her academic achievements, I feel great relief in knowing that her success is also a result of lessons learned from failures and disappointments.

On her own, far away from me, M battled the frightening depths of depression, and the bewildering sense of being lost and without direction. And there was not much that I could do but watch, and hope that as her mother, I have equipped her well enough to find strength within her to fight her own battles.

And M not only survived. She built upon her fears, and thrived, and discovered she had enough to help herself, and to lend a hand to others.

On graduation day, I celebrated the triumphant ending of another phase of her life. I know though that what will define her as a person lies ahead…in her decisions on how to give back to society…in her recognition of giving back as a responsibility and not an option…

And what will define me as a parent is the unconditional love and support that she will always have.

In the meantime, it is wonderful to have M back home…to spoil rotten… : )