Evolving with M

It has been three months since we all moved back to Tokyo, and as always we landed on both feet, running full speed ahead.

Summer has always been hot and humid in Tokyo, and this year, staying indoors offered very little respite from the heat and the humidity. Without the nuclear reactor in Fukushima, there was the very real danger of power disruption, and to prevent that, everyone was urged to conserve electricity.

Air conditioning everywhere was either turned off, or turned down. When I walked the streets of Tokyo during the day, it was blazing hot, and when I went into buildings, it was steaming hot. The days of being greeted by blasts of cold air were gone.

Room temperatures went up, and lights were dimmed, and millions of office workers found themselves peering at their work. In train stations, escalators were shut down, forcing passengers to use the stairs, and exercise.

And yet, no one complained. Call it resilience a la Japonais.

M is now working, and like most Japanese young women with parents living in Tokyo, M lives at home with her parents.

I am back to being a full-time mother to M, and again, I find myself learning to be the right mother for her.

For more essays on my life with M, visit my Washington Times column.




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